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Hi! I'm Kat VanCleave, a Production Designer & Filmmaker living in NYC.

I grew up in Colorado where the Rocky Mountains taught me all about scale, the magical quality of light as it kisses the horizon and the most delicious shade of powdery white snow. While dancing in theater groups at a young age, I nurtured a deep appreciation for movement, the human spirit, and our ability to transform reality using art and design. Eventually trading the dance studio for the design studio, I sold everything I owned, drove across the country and landed in San Francisco where I cameo-ed for a couple years as a hippie and earned a BFA in Interior Design from California College of the Arts.

After designing the interiors for bootstrapped startups, bougie Brooklyn Brownstoners and even royalty (!), I fell into the world of film and haven't turned back! Today, you can find me analyzing scripts, dreaming up each characters' respective realities and wondering what the hell type of bedding this girl would have during this time period, in this particular town, on her particular salary. I love to work with fellow creatives at every stage of the design and production process.

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Gum Zoo Pictures
Magnalux Pictures
Galaxy454 Productions
Zeus Pictures
Bhutanese Royal Family
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